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Three continents, five countries and eighteen cities

  • China
    Shenzhen Guangzhou Shanghai Ningbo Qingdao Tianjin Nanning Zhongshan Wuhan
    Jiangsu Zhuohang international jinrunfeng hua Zeshi international Tuxi cross border Hong Kong
  • U.S.A
    Los Angeles Branch
  • Australia
    Melbourne Branch
  • Dubai Branch
  • Oman branch


European and Mediterranean routes

As one of the four busiest routes in the world, CIMC world initiative has been committed to developing European and Mediterranean routes. With years of accumulation, our shipping, air transportation, sea rail intermodal transport, LCL, Shuangqing to door and a series of logistics upstream and downstream services are among the best in China and the world.

Australia and New Zealand routes

In Australia and New Zealand, we have a complete logistics service system and professional logistics service groupsTeam. Our advantages are: door-to-door shipping in Australia, shipping end delivery, customs clearance and warehousing at the port of destinationShanghai style, air delivery and distribution one-stop service. We will continue to help Chinese and Southeast Asian enterprises go globalBoundary

Middle East, red sea, India Pakistan route

As an industry leader in the Middle East, red sea and India Pakistan routes, the company has been focusing on providing perfect one-stop freight services for customers in the Middle East, red sea, India and Pakistan since its establishment. After many years of operation, it has developed into a professional international comprehensive freight enterprise with transnational operation. We have established branches in Dubai, Oman and other places to improve the services such as shipping Shuangqing all inclusive arrival, bulk cargo consolidation, shipping whole container, air Shuangqing all inclusive arrival, e-commerce freight small package, Dubai small package and so on.

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Europe Mediterranean, Middle East Red Sea, Australia New Zealand and other boutique routes


CIMC GLOBE SUCCESS LOGISTICS CO., LTD. is an international freight logistics enterprise with the qualification of NVOCC. It was jointly established in 2021 by CIMC logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC group, a national AAAAA logistics enterprise, and a professional international freight forwarding group with 22 years of freight forwarding experience. Shijian group is headquartered in Luohu District, Shenzhen.

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